About the Project

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The How Do You Say? project is an interdisciplinary and community service oriented project that exploits DH Press to layer, map and visualize information about the Spanish language varieties used to address Latin@ audiences in the prevention of intimate partner violence. The project’s long-­term goal is to assess if the choice of different varieties of Spanish more specifically targeted to a regional sub-­group of the larger Latin@ population increases the success/effectiveness of textual literature (brochures, signs, advertisements) as well as direct oral interaction (from support services, doctors, social workers, etc.) in preventing and educating about domestic violence.

We are building a searchable database of the materials on IPV available in Spanish that supports a variety of linguistic and cultural analyses of the data and allows researchers to propose linguistic adjustments of the extant IPV prevention literature, thus contributing to the development of culturally appropriate interventions for this vulnerable population of survivors.

This website is a proof of concept prototype showing what the possibilities of the finished product are. In it you’ll find:

  • A living repository of the resources on IPV available to Spanish speakers.
  • Visualizations of content (metadata) mined from the ongoing harvested collection of textual and multimedia Spanish literature on IPV.
  • A sample of linguistic analyses that are layered with and mapped to demographic and geographic data to provide a multidimensional view on IPV literature.
  • A glossary of the key terms relating to violence, sexuality, the body, as well as legal and medical terminology. The glossary is password protected. If you’d like to request access, please email Lucia Binotti (lbinotti@email.unc.edu).

The graphical interface allows IPV researchers, administrators and policy planners to query the database of pamphlets, brochures, posters, etc., and produce dynamic, interactive visualizations of their search results. The visualizations pull from the entire data set, enabling users to make and explore visual connections between the materials produced and publicized by different agencies across the country. The How Do You Say It? site connects its users to a broad network of agencies and prevention centers. As the central repository of the extant materials on IPV in Spanish it will allow users to quickly download existing materials or to get suggestions and ideas of how to create new ones or modifying the existing ones.

This project is supported by a Digital Innovation Lab/Institute for the Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellowship (2014), a program of the Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.